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I just realized that I'm 21 now, so I can actually do shit when I'm in Vegas next week. I haven't been back since freshman year, and even though that was a crazy fucking year, I wasn't able to get much done in Sin City.

But now. Oh now. A whole world of booze and nightclubs and debauchery is open. 

Fuck Italy, Viva Las Vegas, baby.


Fucking jealous, bro
Have fun, sweetheart! :)
hey! brilliant idea!

you could come with me!
If you'd really want me to go? I'd really, really, really like to. :)
i mean, if you wouldn't rather go home and see family or anything. and i'm going to an industry convention that i can't get passes to anymore so we won't be able to hang out all the time.

but you could sleep in or go exploring and then when i'm done for the day we could go do shit.

so if you don't mind any of that, i'd really love for you to come. i'd hate to miss you.
Actually, Maggie was going to take me to the beach in Florida, but she ended up getting a last-minute job! (Ferrari, I think, or some big car like that, so yay, Maggie!)

So, nope, I don't really have any plans. And I don't mind any of that. I wasn't really looking forward to not seeing you for a whole week.

So, yes. I will definitely, definitely, definitely come with you, Noah. :)
Great! That's do great, all of it, including Maggie's job, haha.

I already have a hotel reservation, but I'm leaving the studio now so if you want to come over when I get back, we could talk about it some more!

(... Your family's not going to mind me whisking you off to Vegas are they? Bumlets is right, it's kind of brazen haha um.)
Bringing your girlfriend to Vegas? Bold.
We'll be married by this time next week.

Oh wait, that was supposed to be a surprise!
The fact that you aren't already means I lost the pool, so...
Well I appreciate your faith in... I don't know. My love? My powers of persuasion? My impulsiveness?

Maybe you'll have better luck with the pregnancy pool.
I think you need a chaperone. Otherwise I don't think your little heart would be able to take it. You'd somehow manage to kill yourself.
Hahahaha what are you talking about? I can handle my substances just fine, thank you.

Now, if you're talking about the girlfriend accompanying me... Well you might not be wrong.
I'm thinking more along the lines of too much stimuli for you, too man pretty lights and crazy things to go after at once.
Hey now. I know this is the gay ghost dorm, but not all of us are hedonists who are easily distracted by pretty lights.

I'm offended, sir.
Just don't try to do everything in one night. Remember, a whole week.